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Workplace Audits

Workplace Inspections

Whatever safety-challenges you face, we partner with you to improve your safety-culture and refine your systems – to keep your business and your people safe.

Our WHS Safety Audit and Workplace Inspections take a practical and proactive path to safeguard your business. They ensure your safety-management-system works and complies with regulations. But ultimately your outcomes are about people, and our audit and inspections show your people that safety is one of your core values.

CROSS APAC audit programs are conducted in line with legislative-compliance and Industry best-practice / standards. Our teams identify strengths, the key areas that need immediate attention and work with you to implement safety-improvement plans.

To determine your degree of compliance and performance we will:

  • Interview workers.
  • Audit the facility, equipment, conditions and controls.
  • Evaluate documents, management-philosophy and work-practices to determine degree of compliance and performance.
  • Cover Legislative Compliance Audits and Second Party Audits like Supplier audits, Risk-profiling Audits and Contractor pre-qualification audits.
  • Offer one-off advice or a full range of services

CROSS APAC workplace inspection programs pinpoint aspects of the workplace or work-tasks that could cause injury or damage. Workplace inspections are a crucial part of your duty-of-care and have legal status. We review standards in line with legal and organisation requirements, and give you advice to help control your risk-factors. Workplace inspections are complemented by:


  • Plant and equipment audits.
  • Introduction of safety procedures.
  • Employee training

CROSS APAC specialists bring objective unbiased-eyes to the job. We’ve done the hard work ourselves in private enterprise and government so we have the practical knowledge to shape inspection-programs, matrices and forms to match with your needs rather than take the common ‘tick-and-flick’ approach.

This work calls for competent and experienced professionals, particularly when it comes to machinery, confined sites or isolated sites. We have the expertise to clearly explain any deficiencies and document the process for your due diligence needs.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way, we are ready to engage with you to sort out your needs. Book a workplace-audit or safety-inspection with us now.

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