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Medical Support

Responsive Services

CROSS Asia Pacific provide for the reality of emergency medical-response, injury management and reduction of health issues to remote mining, industry and resources sites.

CROSS Asia Pacific medical services bring a compliant, registered and licensed team to your door, including paramedics and nurses, fully-equipped 4WD ambulances and equipped-for-role, site-specific medical clinic and first aid facilities.

All services can link directly to CROSS Asia Pacific’s aero-medical support arm, CROSS Aviation, or with state support providers so your site and workforce is protected 24/7 with incident or emergency-scene management, advanced life-support, clinical-assessment and administration of scheduled-drugs or pain-relief.

Integrated Services

All CROSS Asia Pacific emergency medical staff are trained, licensed and equipped to meet the challenges of remote-area medical application to the highest level, and certified to administer scheduled drugs.

CROSS Asia Pacific ensures that other services are integrated into site-operations, such as Security Protection Officers or Emergency Fire-Rescue Service Officers, these staff are cross-trained to assist in first-aid incident management.

Medical Personnel and Equipment Presentation

CROSS Asia Pacific emergency medical-staff wear clearly-visible professional uniforms to reflect their expert-role to the technician, staff and visitors onsite.

All our equipment supply-and-design ensures maximum-efficiency in remote medical application. CROSS Asia Pacific quality-control process ensures correct administration of all medical-emergency materials.

Fully-marked and equipped vehicles – provided to specification – reflect the professional profile of the role as well as your site and company.

Unique Service Provision

CROSS Asia Pacific ensures pre-hospital care is implemented and managed site-wide to decrease the significance of illness or injury, and ensure that staff are individually managed so they return to work as fit and healthy as possible. We implement programs to promote a range of health-and-fitness themes, including skin-cancer prevention, mental-health and more.

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